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Why Sagewaterfalls?

It’s because of my favorite place in the world, Sages Ravine, in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains where MA/CT/NY all meet.

It’s a place, where when you walk just 50 feet from the road the world changes. In a mountainside filled with majestic trees, a sweet resounding stream cuts through a deep ravine. Brilliant green mossy rocks and grey boulders provide the perfect company, and even seating, to an inner stillness that can be found within minutes of entering this special healing place. There are waterfalls in the ravine. Thousands, created by mountain water flowing over ice age rocks and boulders from the ravine and etching itself into the mountain. These waterfalls range from tiny one foot waterfalls with gurgling music so sweet, to bubbling trickles over smaller rocks, and even two great big roaring thirty foot waterfalls. Every time I go there it looks different. I see new things. The textures of the place changes, trees have fallen over, some decayed, new rocks appear, and the path even though it is the same path forever feels new. Always an adventure, it is a magical place for me.

It is my favorite place to visit, either for a five minute walk or an all day hike. A refuge to retreat to when life has me frazzled. When I need time to disconnect and relax, exercise and workout, or just sit. It is a place I go to think about a big decision or when I want to simply find some joy in my day. It is a place I go to play and wander, with no big goal set. It seems to me the sun sparkles there through the trees just a little more brilliantly. Some weight gets lifted off my shoulders, heart, and mind when I enter. The air smells fresher, I can breathe it in easier, and I stand taller. When I visit there my body relaxes, I feel immediately more rested. By the end of my visit there my mind feels deeply peaceful, uncoiled, open, ready and capable. My life, my choices, and the direction the path I am walking on just starts to make sense to me again.

When I named my practice Sagewaterfalls Healing Arts it was with this special place in my thoughts. I wanted to bring that gift of relaxation, openness, peace and ability to move forward into life with ease to everyone. I wanted to bring that healing presence of those thousands of waterfalls, that trickling stream and the deep rich mossy ravine to people. So they could find it, too, within themselves.
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