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Are you afraid to try yoga? Think you are too out of shape, old, inflexible, or fat?
I’m the yoga instructor for you.


Gentle stretches and movements combine with breath, awareness and intention to help guide you
toward greater union of body, mind and spirit. Learn the best postures for your body type or
personal health concerns. Includes facilitated guidance into and out of postures as well as hands on support encouraging a deeper stretch. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes.


Compassionate, gentle, and knowledgeable I will teach you to connect with your own body, meet your
physical limitations, lean into them and RELAX around them. Melt the tension you have been holding onto forever. In a safe and supported atmosphere you will learn to become more at home in with your body on a yoga mat, and in life.


Gentle movements, self applied massage, breathing exercises, and meditations. Easily adaptable to every lifestyle, daily practice can help increase endurance, vitality, and longevity.

Rates for private and semi-private Classes

60 min $120  |  75 min $145  |  90 min $165 

Group pricing varies. Classes will be determined

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